Friday, 18 April 2014

Sleek: Showstoppers Palette - Celebrating 50 years of Superdrug


I had no idea that Sleek had released their 50 years of Superdrug palette yet! I knew it was due for release soon, so you can only imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it whilst having a snoop around Superdrug before work.

Superdrug has turned 50 years old - and Sleek are one of the brands that the company have team up with to release some Limited Edition products with to celebrate it's big Five Oh birthday!


At first I was a little scared of this palette - I will admit, there are quite a few colours in there that I wouldn't normally wear, or buy. But after closer swatching, playing and investigating - I now approve of the palette and I am glad I have picked it up after all. I think there is definitely a shadow in there for every person and every occasion thanks to a lovely combination of mattes, shimmers and glitters - and some lovely shades for every day wear and then some great shades to spice it up for a gorgeous night time look! What could be more perfect?

The palette comes with a foam applicator that everyone hates and I don't understand why they are still in palettes - I will be so, SO happy the day they get rid of them and replace them with an actual brush, or a liner etc. The palette also has a very generous mirror in the lid, than spans the entire packaging making it travel friendly so you can apply any touch ups or transformations when your out/on the go which is always handy.

The palette clips closed with a satisfying click so you know it's secure when you pop it in your handbag and you can know that when you reach inside, all your goodies aren't going to be covered in a rainbow of eyeshadow! 

Paraguaya: The most disappointing eyeshadow ever. It's the least pigmented eyeshadow I've ever come across that Sleek have done - you can hardly see it on my skin tone too. Its a light matte peachy shadow. It feels smooth though, but I reserve judgement and think it will be better suited to a darker skin tone.

Sunset: Probably my favourite shadow out of the whole palette. This shadows is a beautiful rusty brown with red undertones and has a few tiny bits of fine silver glitter in it to give it some shimmer. I have been wearing this as a corner colour to add some lovely interesting depth.

Me, Myself  Eye: A white sparkley shade with mint blue understones - this shadows is lovely as a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye. Possibly too bright for the brow bone though unless you apply it with a very light hand. 

Bad Girl: A shimmery olive green shade, the glitter in this is a little thicker than Sunset so it does have a slightly rougher texture but it is lovely and pigmented and blends beautifully. Although the glitter is slightly bigger and you can feel the rough texture in the pan - it is comfortable to wear and the glitter isn't noticeable at all.

Noir: An absolutely gorgeous midnight blue glitter. Just like Bad Girl, it does have a rough texture in the pan but when applied it feels smooth and it blends well and feels comfortable to wear. This glitter shadows is also highly pigmented and would look gorgeous for a blue twist on a smokey eye.

Ultramattes V2: A deep matte black. Just like a lot of Sleek's matte shades - it isn't as pigmented as the glitters and shimmers, but it makes it lovely and buildable, and it applies like a dream. The soft texture also means it blends out really well to create smokiness. 

Oh So Special: A light grey shade - this is another matte shade from this palette, and just like Ultramattes V2, it isn't as pigmented as the other shadows in this palette, but that makes it a lovely blending shadow and it is buildable. It is soft and it blends well.

Bohemian: An absolutely gorgeous coral pink shadow, and this is definitely one of my favourites from this palette! I have been wearing this alone in the outer V of my eye to create a beautiful coral eye to work, and alongside a pink blusher, it makes a gorgeous spring make-up! It is another one of the matte shadows from this palette, but despite it being matte, it is highly pigmented and just like the other shadows in this palette, it is soft and blends really well.

Storm: A deep matte midnight blue with purple undertones. I think this would work really well alongside Noir for an intense blue smokey eye. This shadow is one of the most pigmented mattes out of the entire palette and it is a dream to apply and blends out well.

Sparkle: Another, what I would call, highlighter shade from this palette. This is a champagne coloured shimmer, that would be perfect for the inner corner, and would be more suited for under the brow bone than Me, Myself and Eye would be as it is less intense. It does have a lovely shimmer to it and it is well pigmented.

Au Natural: An absolutely stunning dark plum shade with silver flecks of glitter running through it that is absolutely insanely gorgeous when the light hits it. This would make a beautiful twist on a smokey eye, and I can see me wear a lot of this shade in the winte rmonths when the darker shades make their way back into my every day make-up bag. It is one of the most pigmented shades out of the entire palette and it blends well. It does feel slightly rough in the pan due to the silver glitter, but it isn't noticable at all when it is applied.

Graphite: A dark brown shimmer, than I can see me getting quite a bit of use out of in the winter months. It does feel rough, again this is due to the glitter that is packed into this eye shadow but when it is applied, the glitter and texture isn't noticeable and it applies smoothly and feels comfortable to wear.

I can safely say I am very pleased I got this palette and the colours in it are absolutely gorgeous, I don't mind there being only one let down and can see me getting a lot of use out of the majority of shades, so for the price of £7.99, I think it's an absolute steal! Sleek have yet again pulled out another amazing palette - they haven't disappointed me yet, and I'm definitely already excited for the next one.

What are your favourite palettes from Sleek?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring Nails: Brights

L-R: Rimmel Lasting Finish in Misty Jade, Sinful Colors in Pink Forever, Barry M in Blueberry Ice Cream, Sinful Colors in Pistache, Sinful Colors in Island Coral, Barry M in Lemon Ice Cream and Ciate in Kiss Chase

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Misty Jade

This polish made it's way into last months favourites post because in the Spring time I love mint nails. I don't know why either, but I just think they look gorgeous and I normally dislike blue on my nails, but this is a lot more green toned so that's probably why.

This is a bright pastel mint shade that just screams Spring to me. It's a gorgeous polish that applies opaque in just one coat and dried fairly quickly, so you don't have to wait around for the polish to dry before you go about your day.  This has fairly good lasting power and lasts a good few days before there is any signs of chipping, and when there is a chip or two, because it applies well with just one coat, it means you can fix it without worrying how it will affect your gorgeous manicure.
 Sinful Colors in Pink Forever

I think every girl has to have a bright prink Barbie nail polish - and this is mine. This polish is a bright blue toned pink and I think it is one of those polishes that will suit most skin tones which is an added bonus!

I have read that a few bloggers think that this polish applies streaky with one coat, but personally I haven't found that at all. I think it applies beautifully, and I can definitely get away with just one coat as it is a cream polish, so it is a little thicker than usual but it does mean it's opaque in one coat.

You can read my full review here.
 Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Barry M is one of my absolutely favourite brands for nail polish - they have a colour for everything, and are constantly bringing out new textures and formulas. Personally, I'm not one for textured nails but I do appreciate the effort that Barry M put into their nail polish, nor am I a big fan of blue nails, as I said. But I thought I would include this for those ladies (and gents!) that do like to have blue nails.

This polish is a bright pastel blue and is definitely a spring time shade. The formula is a little thin so you do need two coats of this polish to achieve a completely opaque coat to cover your nail. It is pretty chip resistant though, which I have found with the majority of Barry M nail polishes - another reason why I love them.
 Sinful Colors in Pistache

This polish another bright pastel polish - this is definitely green and doesn't have any blue tones running through it like Misty Jade does.

This polish is really think as it's another one of Sinful Colors cream nail polishes, so you can definitely get away with just applying one coat for a brilliant opaque coverage. Wear time for this polish is about average of 2 - 3 days, but as it's a thick polish, doing touch ups is pretty easy. The downside of it being a thick polish though, is that it does take quiet a long time to dry, so I wouldn't apply this in a rush. Perhaps apply it the night before you are going out so you don't have to worry about accidental chipping or smudging.
You can read my full review of this polish here.
 Sinful Colors in Island Coral

This is one of my favourite polishes by Sinful Colors! In fact, i'm wearing it right now. It is a beautiful bright coral shade that is absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer - especially for those who are lucky enough to tan!

For some reason Sinful Colors put this polish in their Pearl category even though I see no pearl qualities running through this polish no matter what lighting. It is slightly thick, but would still require two coats for a completely opaque coverage. It doesn't have great longevity though and it can chip, and fade it you only have one coat, so two is definitely recommend it. However, I can still see it making it's why in to my April favourites post!

You can see my full review here.
 Barry M in Lemon Ice Cream

The perfect yellow for Spring/Summer.

This polish is a lovely bright yellow, and as you can see from the photo, this polish is certainly well loved! This is one of Barry M's thicker polishes so you only need one coat to get a completely opaque coverage, which I find rare with yellow polishes.

Again, because it's a thicker polish, it does take a little while to dry, so don't rush when you apply it or do it just before you leave the house - perhaps this is a polish to apply the night before? Either way, it is a gorgeous polish and perfect for those Summer days (and nights!)

Ciate in Kiss Chase 

This is one of my first polishes from Ciate and I really do like it - it is another coral toned polish, but it is definitely more pink toned than the others mentioned in this post.

I found that it was quite a thin formula so I did need two coats for a completely opaque coverage - but it's definitely a gorgeous polish for Spring/Summer and it is a lovely twist on the forever favourite - a coral nail.

When applied it was a lovely a shiny and would be absolutely gorgeous on a Spring/Summer day out. Because the formula was thin, it did mean however, that this polish didn't take long to dry at all! Meaning you can apply it and be leaving the house for a lovely day out in no time at all!

What are your favourite Spring nail shades?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

MAC Eyeshadow in Cork

So, recently when I was picking up the prize for the 100 bloglovin' follower giveaway, it was only natural that something fell into my basket on my way to the checkout! ;) And that eyeshadow was Cork! I said to the lady on the MAC Counter that I wanted a new natural every day eyeshadow that I could wear to work - the other natural/brown MAC eyeshadow I have is Folie, which is a dark brown and I find that a little too dark for work. She said she was currently wearing Cork in her corner/crease and it looked lovely on and gave great definition and added something extra whilst still being natural, which is what I was looking for.

I'm sure all you of lovelies already know that MAC eyeshadows come in a black cardboard box with white writing - the standard MAC packaging which we all know and love. The shadow itself comes in a round black plastic pot with a clear lid so you can easily see the shade inside - especially handy if you are in a rush and don't have time to check the names of all your shadows to find a certain one (we've all done that, am I right?!)

Cork is a light to mid golden brown shade and is one of MAC's satin eyeshadows and it has a matte finish. It is unbelieveably soft and I've found it to be very pigmented. One sweep on the brush/my finger and I have more that enough product. 

I've found this to be a great shade on it's own in the corner/crease with my usual eyeliner/flick to add a bit of definition - or as a shade that would be great for layering with other colours or with darker colours on top - perhaps a gorgeous brown smokey eye? But it would also look gorgeous with purples/greens/golds. Because this shadow is buttery soft, it blends like a dream and I have found there is absolutely no fallout with this shadow which is brilliant, as I can never be bothered with cleaning under my eyes after fallout and always dislike when I have too. ;)

This shadow lasts all day with a primer underneath, but without primer it still lasts 5-6+ hours which is brilliant! I have generally quite oily lids so normally get some creasing throughout the day - but with this shadow, I have had absolutely none which is brilliant and makes it the perfect shadow for every day use and work. It's safe to say I've worn this shadow SO much since I have bought it and I'm so glad I did! 


What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow? What about your favourite eyeshadow for every day use/work?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

As you may have noticed in my recent Drugstore Haul post, that I picked up one of Sleek's best known blushers - Rose Gold. I have read so many times that it is an amazing dupe for Orgasm by Nars - and considering I don't have the funding to get the cult Nars blusher yet (key word: YET!) I thought I would pick this up, and for £4.49 it's hardly breaking the bank.

Sleek blushers come in a sturdy matte black plastic case with shiny writing - I think the packaging makes the blush look a lot more expensive that it actually is. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or just to pop it in your bag if you need to touch up your make-up on the go - the sturdy case shuts with a satisfying click too so you know that it's going to be nice and safe in your bag and nothing is going to come out covered in pink powder! 

The blush has a generous sized mirror in the lid, making it perfect for touch ups on the go. The product fills almost the entire bottom of the pan meaning you use up most of the space of the packaging - which I like as it's not wasting anything like extra materials which I find unnecessary (which I have seen quite a few brands/products do). 

In the pan, Rose Gold looks like a gorgeous coral pink toned blusher with flecks of gold running through it. The flecks of gold initially put me off as I'm not a huge fan of glittery things in make-up, but i'll get to that in a minute. The formula is buttery soft and is super easy to apply and blend too, the glitter isn't actually glitter but a gold shimmer meaning there are no rough bits in the product, so it would suit most skin types.

Now, I don't own Nars' blusher in Orgasm so I can't do a comparison - but from what I've seen online and from what I've swatched of Orgasm in store - they are very, very similar. The only difference I would say is that Nars leans more towards pink and Rose Gold has a little more gold running in through it, but there generally isn't a huge difference between the two.

But after swatching it and looking up reviews (which, since becoming a beauty blogger, is something I always do now before I buy a product) - I was pleasantly surprised to see that is just gives off a very subtle shimmer that looks gorgeous when the light catches it.  As with all Sleek blushers, Rose Gold is ridiculously pigmented and just a gentle swipe of your finger or brush in the pan will give you plenty of product.

Rose Gold also blends out beautifully and is build-able - meaning if you put too much on, it is relatively easy to fix, or you can build it up more for when you transform from a day look to a night look. I have also read quite a bit about this blush and seen a lot of photos of ladies wearing it - and I don't think I have found a skin tone it doesn't suit, yet - and the majority of people seem to agree.

This blush is now my all time favourite - it gives my skin a gorgeous, healthy glow and goes really well with my skin tone - which is something I struggle with considering I am quite pale and normally find some colours just don't work! I'm pretty confident this is going to be a staple piece during the Spring/Summer months for me, and I am so glad I picked it up!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nude Nails

For a while now I have been loving nude nails! As I have said previously, they make me feel very professional - espeically when at work! I also love how they go with pretty much every outfit - and although, it is nice to match sometimes, other times I just can't be bothered. So here are my 5 nude nail polishes for ladies (and gentlemen!) on a budget.

(L-R: Maybelline Forever Strong Pro (unnamed), Avon in Naked Truth, MUA in Mud Pie, Sinful Colors in Vaction Time and Rimmel 60 seconds in Euphoria)
All polishes have been applied with one coat.

 Maybelline Forever Strong Pro (Unnamed)

This polish was one I picked up today actually - from Poundland! I seem to find nice little gems from well known brands in there either because they are being discontinued or because the packaging is changing - either way, it makes me a happy little bunny because it saves me a little bit of money!

When applied, it is a little darker than it appears in the bottle and I found this was the strongest smelling polish (that typical polish smell - nothing pleasent at all) out of all 5 of these polishes. But it applied well and thickly.

 Avon in Naked Truth

I loved this polish for the longest time. I got it in the middle of Summer in 2012 and I wore it for Job interviews after I graduated for Uni, as I can't not wear nail polish but I wanted something neutral and that wouldn't distract as well as be professional and this was the perfect polish for that.

This polish is quite thin though so you need to apply it geneorously or in 2 -3 coats. It suits my pale skin perfectly and I honestly don't wear it enough. It is slightly more purple toned that the other polishes for those who don't want a skin coloured polish.

MUA in Mud Pie

This was a recent purchase as well when I was on the hunt for more nude nail polish and I was browsing the MUA stand as I have to do whenever I am remotely near Superdrug. I though it looked gorgeous in the bottle but when I applied it, it was a much darker, dirtier brown than I wanted. Think of a muted Nirvana by Sinful Colors.

It applied well though and you only needed one coat for it to cover the nail completely, and at the £1 price tag, I can't really complain.
 Sinful Colors in Vaction Time

This little baby is my all time favourite nude polish and is what got me addicted to them in the first place. It is a pinky taupe shade that I think goes absolutely beautifully with my skin tone.

It is a very warm nail polish to wear, and I have been wearing it non stop recently, and it also made it's way into last months Favourites Post. My opinion has changed a lot since I first reviewed it (here) - when I first got it, I wasn't a fan and didn't feel like it was very 'me'. But since giving it another go in the New Year, I have fallen in love with it, I also think it's the perfect shade to wear for work.

It's a quite thick polish and applies in one coat leaving behind a smooth and clean application.
 Rimmel 60 Seconds in Euphoria

I'll be honest and say this isn't a polish I have worn a lot - only because over the last year or so I haven't loved shimmers or glitters at all, and this is a very shimmery polish! But I thought I would include it for those who like shimmers or nude nail polish with a twist.

This polish has a thin formula so you do need more than one coat to make it completely opaque, in the above photo I applied it very generously to make it opaque in one coat, but I wouldn't advise that on actual nails. This polish reminds me of fish scales - nude with a purple shimmer when the light hits in.

What are your favourite nude nail polishes?

Drugstore Haul

So, Yesturday I may have been let loose in Meadowhall. I honestly didn't mean to buy anything.. it just kind of happened! Anyway, do you want to guess how much all this came to? A whopping £13!

First stop was Superdrug, where I picked up the MUA items: Undress Your Skin, which I have been wanting for the longest time! 2 Bronzers, as I'm on a mission to own them all because they go lovely with my skin tone - Superdrug just never stock Shade 2! and I finally picked up Rose Gold blusher by Sleek because I have heard nothing but good things about it, and because it apparently is a dupe for Nars Orgasm which I have yet to own. Key word: YET. Grand total of: £8.49

Next stop, Poundland! Yes, poundland. I happen to find some great products in there (such as Rimmel, Maybelline, Stila, Collection etc) because the item is either being discontinued or because the packaging has changed. Here I found the two Calvin Klein eyeshadows, a maybelline nail polish and a Rimmel lip liner. Grand total of: £4.

Total of the day: £12.49.  Expect full reviews soon! (:

Have you picked up any bargains lately?

Friday, 4 April 2014

March Favourites

Not many products in this months favourite's i'm afraid.. this is partly due to a lot of my favourites featured in last months post and I didn't want to repeat them. So these are the latest products to sneak they're way in!

Simple hydrating light moisturizer

I have been loving this moisturizer this month. Normally, i'm such a bad blogger and don't have the best skin care routine but i've started using this stuff again recently and I love it - plus being a fan of the Simple range helps too! I tend to favour light moisturizers as I hate my skin feeling heavy, which happens if I use other moisturizers. It makes my skin super soft and it takes no time at all to work it's way into my skin and I start feeling (and seeing!) the benefits immediately. I think I'm almost out of this product, so it will definitely be an item that i'm going to repurchase! You can read my full review here

Kate Moss for Rimmel: Shade 110

I have been reaching for this lipstick more and more recently. Now Spring is here (although, here in the UK, it still is basically Winter. Thanks Climate!) I have reaching for more pastels and bright colours and leaving the darker Winter shades in my drawer. This was my go-to lipstick last year for Summer, and now I remember why! It's a bright orange based coral matte lipstick. Normally, I'm not a fan of matte lipstick as I find them drying - however, with this I haven't found that at all! At the minute, i'm only popping it on lighting to it isn't as bright and intense as it normally is but it does make a lovely change from my usual reds. You can read my full review here.

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude

This has been my go to blush for the past six weeks or so (you can probably tell by the hole that is starting to form that it's a much loved product!) Like I said before, now Spring is technically here I am reaching for brighter colours and pastels - and so a lovely pinky blush! Which again, makes a gorgeous change from my slightly darker Winter blush that I have been reaching for. I also love this blush (especially for Spring/Summer) is that because it's a cream it has kind of a dewy finish (on my skin anyway) so gives you the most gorgeous glow and warmth to your face. You can read my full review here.

I have in fact been pairing Rude and the Kate Moss lipstick together for a lovely spring/summer look and combined, they give such a lovely glow and warmth to my face that I have been loving lately!

Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish in Misty Jade

At the start of the month I was loving mint nails - especially this polish named Minty Jade. I got this polish as part of a Secret Santa gift exchange with a few friends a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. Mint shades are just gorgeous and are definitely a go-to nail for me for Spring/Summer. I love Rimmel nail polishes for their brush, it's short and fat meaning you can get a complete coverage of the nail in basically one swipe which is always a winner - plus they are a fast drying nail polish and leave a gorgeous shine when they are dry.

Sinful Colors nail polish in Vacation Time.

This month I am absolutely loving nude colours - especially on the nails, It's what I've been wearing most of the month and in fact this week, I have bought more nude nail polishes which should hopefully have a review of their own coming soon! When I wear nude nail polishes it makes me feel a lot more professional when at work and I just love how they look against my pale skin tone. I also love how nude nail polishes go with any outfit too so you don't have to worry about clashing colours or anything (not that it bothered before, but it's nice to match!) You can read my full review here.

What products have you been loving this month? Any recommendations for me to try next month?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

MAC Giveaway Winner

Apologies in the lateness of this post, i've had a lot of work this week! Anyway, i'm here to announce the 100 follower giveaway for a MAC lipstick! And the winner is... Alison!

I've already contacted Alison for her information and it will be sent out within the next few days! Enjoy your new lipstick. :D